I genuinely love this game, and the content has been absolutely fantastic this year! I have been playing since 2006 and I probably won't ever stop. My complaints and suggestions come from a place to make user experience better, not to be a hater.

I think everyone by now, has unfortunately been the victim of a very late swing and terrible PCI placement home run... The game is not "scripted" I wholeheartedly believe this is a simulated baseball experience, not a baseball simulator.

There is no consistency between games and that's because we are all victims to the hitting engine keeping the games within realistic baseball stats. I think we can all agree that the hitting is a simulated experience and it's up to the game whether or not you get a hit...

That's why you don't have the same results on the same swing every time. I understand that's baseball but this is a video game and I beleive we're not looking for a simulated baseball experience, we're looking to see who's skill is better.

In my opinion, if I wanted to see a random pitch result, I would just watch a real baseball game. What's the point to play a video game against another human opponent if what you are doing doesn't control the outcome? Why wouldn't we just play the computer to get these realistic outcomes?

What does everyone think about a hardcore ranked Seasons, where the rewards are the same but just given to you at a lower number of wins?

In this game mode you would have to have a baseline overall team and the settings will be locked for competitive gameplay (pinpoint pitching, ect.) Difficulty setting locked at Hall of Fame with true PCI and swing timing results.

I would love to see the hard hit outs being tuned into a 50/50 play depending on user controlled defense. No more free outs. Make the person on tje other side of the stick "take the hit away" just like the old baseball expression goes.

I don't want to see the casual players get stuck not enjoying the game anymore so I believe there should be an option for people to play a game mode where it's strictly user skill versus user skill...

The whole premise has been to cater to the casual players, but where is the game mode for the guys who want realistic "hardcore" competition?

Maybe it's a bad opinion, this would completely take away the chance at ruining the ENTIRE game, if you just make a different game mode..