theory, argument, or perception


Seen a lot of ppl mention how they've played against opponent's so "adept" they hit everything pitched on the nose. Often this is used as an argument, or proof, that some players are just superior. Maybe faster eye-hand coordination.

But, if you've played a lot of games out here..haven't you ever been that player? I totally suck and I've had several games where I've just rocked every pitch. Opponent's generally bail out early, but sometimes it lasts an entire game.

I know I can't be one of the "superiors". But there are games the AI deems it so.

Question then is, how does anyone know there truly are players that dominate and hit every ball on the nose w/o the assistance of AI giving favorable results. Other than win/loss records that I, personally, don't put a lot of stock in.


There’s definitely the cream of the crop. They can prove it eve try game. The rest of us are just flailing around hoping when we connect with one solid we actually get a hit. Or maybe we just string together several with terrible timing and pci placement.


Are you saying that's it is not possible that some people are better then others in this game? Because that's a pretty dumb argument, in virtually every game ever made there's going to be people who are just naturally better.

Plus, and this is something alot of people in the community can't seem to grasp, we don't all play linearly every game, if I was a .220 career hitter it doesnt mean I only hit .220 every game, I can have good games (that aren't just aided by rng) and there is nothing weird or strange about that.