Few Things about Team Affinity 2 that need to get fixed

  1. If something is already 100% done, it shouldn't show on the end of game Progress.

  2. With that, the end-of-game Progress page should be scrollable. You should not have to quit and go to the Team Affinity section, scroll to the players progress to see where you are at. Way to many steps to just see what should be on the end of game progreess.

  3. Maybe it's just me and I have a bad day, but the gameplay seems not on par with the level. The veteran seems to be All-Star. I have seen others talk of that for other parts of the new update but I haven't tried them yet. Just my thoughts.


Specifically regarding the TA2 missions, they did Hank Aaron dirty. His moment is near impossible facing his weak side pitching, the nerfed moments sliders, and just a generally bad card. It's the only moment I haven't beaten from TA2 and it seems more like an Extreme moment