Ranked Seasons records of my opponents


I played a lot of Event games to finally get to 50 wins. I win about 1 out of every 3 games.

I would guess that if you averaged my opponents' Ranked Seasons Win - Loss records it would be something like 20 - 4. Once in a while I get someone who is like me, around .500 but so many are 30 - 2, 11 - 0, 19 - 2. How do they get such records? I've even beaten some of them.

I've learned that if they crank my first pitch 460 feet for a home run that I just quit. No point going further.

Some people can really hit! (Not me though.)

And I'd like to thank Dee Strange-Gordon and Greg Maddux for getting me to those 50 wins.


Instead of quitting, you should consider playing the full game after the 461’ home run. You don’t get better by playing weaker opponents...


9/10 people I play online use contact swing every single pitch which we all know is OP right now. So you really have to mix your pitches and get them to swing at balls because anything within a foot of the strikezone (high, low , left, etc) has a high probability of being hit 450 feet with an 110 exit velocity lol

The opponent thing is pretty simple.. watch when it is trying to find you an opponent. The longer it takes, the less "similar" (in terms of rating) your opponent will be. If it takes like a minute, the matchmaking search will have adjusted to lke 250 - 650 rating. So you literally could be playing anyone from horrifically bad to annoyingly elite.


I only quit in the Events because I am not sure if the 50 wins ends tomorrow so I didn't want to waste time. In Ranked Seasons I will play until it is a much bigger lead.

And I looked at where my pitches were on these home runs, some were well out of the strike zone! And to be fair, some were right down the middle (not my intended location).

Thanks for the advice guys! I have learned lots from better players but sometimes I don't want to waste their or my time by continuing, especially in Events games.


Three inning games on a lower difficulty is easier to beat people that you wouldn't beat in ranked seasons. I always top out in championship series and if I ran into a world series player and had to play on legend I'd get destroyed.