Is dead. It does not update people's scores. The score someone has when you start, is the same score when your 3 outs is up. I've been playing the show for many years, and the live leaderboard should be updating in real time.
When it doesn't, it takes some of the fun out of it. It's like, oh, that person is 20k ahead of me. I'm going to catch him. Then you do, and then the 2 of you go back and forth on whose beating who's score.
The only score that changes is mine. Please fix this. Besides DD, this is my favorite mode.

I'm playing on an Xbox One X



That was posted 25 days ago by kev873 without a hint of feedback.

@Collin_SDS_PSN since you say you read almost everything how about actually doing something?

I mean I'm available for hire if the job consists of just being a mouthpiece