I have a Starting pitcher not two way i know i have like 3-4 different files but i wanted to work on the control archetype a little bit at the beginning i accidentally hit i want to be drafted by a national league team and got stuck with the brewers idk anything about them this year they seem solid but in the minors i dont know how good they actually are cause with the shuckers and 12 games played and 12 games started i only won 7 games and lost 0 while pitching darn near perfect every game having pitched 99 innings and only allowing 23 hits for 2 Runs and 2 Earned runs while only giving up only one homerun and striking out 232 and only walking 1 with the ERA 0.18 i may bump the difficulty up to legend and competitive cause simulation ain’t giving me real stats 🤔 in the minors but when i get to the majors i get destroyed by lack of run support or i misplace my pitches