All RTTS pitchers must have same repertoire??


So this surprised me. Figured I'd post here - not sure if others have seen this or not, or even view it as an issue.

So I play multiple different saves in RTTS. I have a speed guy, a power guy, a 2-way player, a SP (not 2-way) but hadn't tried a RP. Decide to give it a shot. From the main menu, built a new loadout for the "Filthy" archetype which I had never played before. My intention is to sim the first game (where the AI manager makes you start) with my SP Archetype loaded, then sim the next two games (where the AI has you play in the field) and then when I get the call from my agent, explain that I only want to pitch and I see myself as a closer.

Things are going according to plan until the coach asks me what my pitches are. I think to myself "why not mix it up??" and instead of going 4SFB, Change, and Curve as my 1-2-3 I go with Cutter, Circle Change, and Screwball. I do this with my Filthy Archetype set as active.

Yeah - that changed the pitch repertoire for ALL of my pitching saves, regardless of Archetype selected. So your pitch repertoire is not bound to your Archetypes of your RTTS saves, it's bound to your Universal Player. Be careful of changing your pitch types if you run multiple saves with multiple different pitchers.

Also, I had a 4th and 5th pitch learned for my SP Archetype - 2SFB and Slider. My RP with the brand new Archetype starts off with 5 pitches - and the 4 & 5 are 2SFB and Slider.

Yet another thing about this new system that to me seems like a huge downgrade from the prior year's versions.


yea it sucks we can’t choose if we want a 5 pitch pitcher or not but i typically like a 4 pitch RP typically mine in previous years was 4SFB cutter screwball & Knucklecurve in the show 2020 edition my closer was a 97 Ovr and finished with 327 saves and 32 blown but his era was 1.92 and this was a 15.097 career i ended his career cause he blew his arm out and for some reason it dropped his ovr by 10 so this year is good that you ain’t stuck rebuilding but wished you could choose your pitches before every new career


I have a 5-pitch pitcher. You have to build up your repertoire through adding pitches in the training. My pitches are 4SFB, Circle Change, 12-6 Curve, Cut FB, 2SFB, in that order.


@seanstephans_PSN - yeah, my SP has 5 pitches as well. My point being that my RP pitch selections caused my SP pitcher (totally different archetype) to have his 1-2-3 pitches changed. Pitches 4 & 5 didn't change. Also, my RP started with 5 pitches.

My point of the original post being that the 5 pitches seem bound to the Universal Player which means you can't even have a SP and a RP with truly unique pitch types.


Ah. I get it now. Thanks for the clarification.