Last year was my first ‘full year’ playing the game. And I had so much time to play: with lockdown, working from home and also a new baby who slept a lot. Now where I live lockdown is completely over, I have to commute to work again, and the easy baby is now a not-so-easy toddler. I just don’t have the time like I did last year.

But I really enjoy the game when I play; so this year I’ll just focus on having fun in RTTS. And as much as they frustrate me, I feel compelled to finish every showdown. And I still want to do each POTM program, and the occasional player program. Oh and I like completing each conquest, and I love the Dodgers so I have started their team affinity. And since I’ll do the Dodgers, well, I might as well attempt to do all the TAs. And then I will be close to getting the XP for each inning program, so I might as well do the daily challenges, including the odd online game to get that xp. So yeah … hardly any time this year.