All Star Qualifiers


I am working on the 11th Inning mission to collect HR in conquest with All-Star players. I've already done the post season and finest conquest stat missions.

I know that 2019 Post season players did not count for the Post-Season stat mission. This made sense because the cards were not in the Postseason Collection set towards Honus Wagner.

The 2019 All-Star cards are in the All Star Collection though. Any word on whether or not these 2019 All Star (Including HR Derby) cards will work in the AS State mission?


I thought the 2019 postseason cards did count towards the stat mission.

But to answer your question, 2019 ASG and HR Derby cards do count towards the AS stat mission.


2019 AS and 2019 PS cards worked for me in doing the 11th Inning Conquest missions.