Player Programs?


Newbie here....

So, I have them all completed except Matt Kemp (currently working on). Assuming I won't be using these players for very long, is there any reason to do ones that won't make your lineup?

Meaning, will they get additional upgrades later in the year? or will they eventually go into sets? etc.



Team Affinity innings, or people do Team builds, and some time there are daily missions that count toward inning progams to get hits or SO with players from all tiers.


They’re good to have in your binder for things like events and card type specific collections. But it’s not that big of a deal if you don’t do them all.


I try to do everything that comes out. The above answers are what you're looking for. Also it's obviously added XP for the second inning.


There are a few reasons.

  1. Events, cards like this can be valuable in future events

  2. Team builds

  3. Most important, the BIG collection. At some point SDS will drop a card for the big flashback and legends collection and you will need alot of cards so doing these programs and having the card may save you having to buy an extra card