Full System Crash after call up...


2nd time this crash has happened. Got called up, play the second game of being called up, second at bat, 3rd pitch, freeze and full system crash.

What’s is going on.


Been happening since the 1.05 patch...they've acknowledged it...wether or not they fix it is up in the air...almost makes any CAP progression impossible


There's a long thread about this. They have said they will fix it.
So far we "think" we know

  1. It only happens in MLB - not during AA or AAA
  2. It only happens to batters. If you play a specialist pitcher it doesn't happen.
  3. It happens every second or third game. You will rarely be able to play a series without a freeze/lock
  4. It happens very randomly during gameplay. Leading off, in the batters box, at the end of the game. There is speculation that it is where a pre- animated sequence takes over from specific player instigated sequences
  5. Some have reported that going back to the clubhouse after every game will allow you to progress without the crash
  6. The freeze/crash occurs on PS4 and XB - though the details are slightly different (system specific)
  7. On PS4 you have the opportunity to report the error to Sony once the game unfreezes and returns the user to the blue "error" screen. You may have the same opportunity on XB. If you do . Please do (at least the first few times)

As someone who never got through half a season in RTTS on any Vita version. (None of which was ever fixed) I'm conscious that the developers may leave this error unfixed if too few people report it. Sony (and maybe MS) will put pressure on the devs if they keep receiving error reports for the same game that they sell via their online store.

Again. We "think" we know.