Missing Topps Reward - No support ticket response


I apologize as I don't know where else to post this but its been almost a full month since I've opened a ticket without a response.

Sometime during the April12-18 moments I opened the reward pack and while trying to compare stats, the servers crashed and when I came back to the game, I no longer had the pack.

I sent in a ticket, not certain of the exact players at the moment but did say it was from the Topps moment.

Today, I wanted to finish up Buxton before the end of the month in case he goes away (first year playing, not sure how these work) and got the final monthly april pack and still was missing 2 players which happened to be from the exact pack I opened a ticket about.

I have only sold 2 total cards this year (both were equipment, and shows in my completed sales log) and even double checked the collections page for the topps cards but they of course aren't there.

The non-response from SDS makes me think they won't help me out or even if they do it will probably be to late for me to get the card.

Do they normally take this long to reply? I notice there is no where to see tickets on the site, so I don't even know if they actually looked at it.


I do not know dude. I bought Freeman on the market about two weeks ago, and he never showed up in my inventory. I put in a ticket and no response. From what I understand, there are THOUSANDS of tickets, and they are all back-logged. Just another perfect examples SDS using the hush-hush format when communicating.