Stop patching hitting! Update the RNG range of pitching!


We all throw 100+ pitches on n a full ranked game. When I get good or perfect release, have the ball stop floating over the middle of the plate.

Like others have said, leave the hitting alone. It rewards good user input. Let's get good user input to mean something on the mound.

For 4 years playing online I've been able to survive with an ERA at 3 or below. This year, mistakes, good and perfect release timing has gotten me crushed regularly. I have resorted to TRYING to get early and late release in order to survive 5 innings without giving up 4+ HR on gravity balls.

Thank you for your consideration.


You make a good point. However I feel this trend started in 18, that's when pitching truly went out the window. I used to be a great pitcher in 16 and 17, but my ERA since 18 has been floating around 4.00 maybe even 5.00.