Thanks for the update on the live stream earlier today. I have two questions regarding RTTS that remains.

When you said RTTS/Ballplayer is a foundation on which you'll build for years to come, I have 2 simple questions :

  1. Is it planned to allow us to have more than one player or will the mode only allow one player to be created like it is right now?

Having the same player across every save file makes it highly unrealistic since our 2nd and 3rd saves are basically 18 yrs old, AA ball players with All-Star MLB attributes from the start...

  1. Will the Loadouts, where you can change your attributes on the fly, remain in RTTS?

Again this makes any career mode highly unrealistic since there's no real give & take in our career paths it's all about "Which cards I wanna play today"... I can't understand how being the fastest player in the MLB on monday and the slowest but the best slugger on Tuesday is considered something realistic in any career mode...

I think it would be fair from SDS to answer this as the game is supposed to be a simulation and simulation, in my book, should be trying to closely emulate real-life situations. These are two of the biggest obstacles to make RTTS a legit simulation once again.