We know RTTS is hurting... what to do...



We know that RTTS is hurting on multiple levels. It would appear that SDS has really left us (the players who have historically preferred this mode) out to dry. First it was the issue with archetype progression - which thankfully has been mostly fixed courtesy of Game Update 3. But since then other issues have come to light, some of which as egregious as the progression issues.

Issues which I know of:

  • (a) the AI manager appears to be severely mismanaging the playoff roster of the RTTS team especially as respects the 2-way players - causing players to be cut from the playoff roster entirely;
  • (b) playoffs, including World Series, involving the Los Angeles Dodgers appear broken and players cannot progress (considering that the Dodgers have one of the highest rated rosters in the league, it is very likely you might have to contend with them in the playoffs); and
  • (c) equipment is not consistently applied in RTTS and more often than not appears to confer no benefit to the RTTS players.

I'm sure that there are other issues as well, but the above seems the most pressing at this time.

My recommendation as just another average joe customer - if you have encountered any of the above issues, please open a ticket with support. If it's worth your time to complain about it on these forums, then open up a ticket with support. If SDS is following an ITIL model, then the way to get attention to these issues is to open tickets. Lot of them.

The URL to open a support ticket is https://theshow.sonysandiegostudio.games/hc/en-us/sections/1260801636690

I hope this helps.


Can't encounter the Dodgers in the WS if you can't even play in the WS because it won't load 🙄


@moosealbany_psn said in We know RTTS is hurting... what to do...:

It would appear that SDS has really left us (the players who have historically preferred this mode) out to dry.

I would not go that far but based on the fact that it took them two weeks to come out with the first patch I am not expecting another too quickly.


The Dodgers thing in the playoffs must be hit or miss then because I played against them in playoffs without any issue. Doesn’t make it acceptable that some aren’t having issues though


!Yankees in the playoffs are a no go as well, I wanna Golden Ticket!