Linking glitch with XBox


I’m not one to complain, but not only are the servers for MLB the Show glitching but the support team at SDS is extremely subpar and slow at getting answers back to players. I submitted a complaint on Sunday morning (5 days ago) and haven’t had word what happened to my complaint. For all I know they just threw it in the trash.

Anyway, my problem was that I had a great DD team on PS4, so I wanted to link to Xbox that way my brother would be able to play as well cross platform. However, me being an idiot I didn’t know the intricacies behind linking and losing progress and ended up resetting everything. That’s okay, all I was supposed to do was unlink and everything goes back to normal. However, the system all together completely fails to recognize that there is a link and won’t let me unlink even though both accounts have the same exact name and share the same exact game stats. The frustrating thing is that I know it’s a minor problem but now I can’t continue my progress that I’ve been working on so much. I’ve earned like 9 diamond players, lots of challenges and xp, and over 120k stubs I grinded for and now I can’t see any of it. Really disappointed.

Reply if you have a similar problem and/or a more effective way to reaching out to the show other than tickets because they never respond to those


Link the Xbox to your show account first and your PS4 to your show account second then you should be good to go I had the same problem.