A Network Communications Error Has Occurred.


Been playing RTTS this morning and everything has worked fine. I switched to DD to play some conquest 5 minutes ago, and now the game decides to act up.

It doesn't even let me make three conquest moves before it lags, kicks me to the main DD screen, and tells me, "A network communications error has occurred. Please check your network connection."

While this is a refreshing change from the server exception messages, it makes no sense. My wi-fi node is blue (good connection), and testing my network connection on the Xbox Series X nets me 193.38 Mbps download speed, 16.59 Mbps upload speed, with a latency of only 57 milliseconds, 100% wireless strength, and no packet loss.

Testing shows all systems go on my end. Everything is in the green. The only thing I can think of is the thunderstorm that just rolled through, but we only got 5 minutes of heavy rain. Things would be worse on my end if the T-storm affected anything.

So what is going on? Is this happening to anyone else?


This has been happening since the game launched. Their servers are horrible. I had this same error all weekend and was unable to play any DD. So I put the game down and went back to a different game.