League Settings


I have a couple of question on League Settings.

1- Why can't I turn off Strike Zone
2- Why can't I turn off Hot and Cold Zone

I started a small league with Friends and there are no options to turn off certain settings in a League.

Is there going to be an update to League Setting and add in option to turn off what you do not want to be used from a pitcher and a hitting view?

I wanted my league to be as real as possible. I have some friends who are snakes and will take advantage of these setting just to win a game.

Please let me know or there is no reason to use the league feature with limited setting to turn off.


Wow no reply... Are there any admin's who follow up on post on these forums? If I was designing this game I would at least have a team to help people out. Especially on the Forums. We ask the question and support team reply with answers. I guess the people who make the show do not really care as long as you spend the money.

Why are settings different in Franchise to Custom League. Shouldn't they be the same? It's simple question with No Reply from a support team on these forums.