Uploading logo


So this is my first year playing MLB the Show. I've looked around and it looks like I can't import/upload a custom logo using a USB flash drive. Is that correct? I would have had to buy MLB the Show 19 and upload it to the vault by Feb. 7th? I just want to make sure I understand my only option is to now create one on my own.


You could only upload logos to the vault that were created by 19's in-game Logo Creator, NOT custom logos from outside sources like USB flash drives.

Stop and think for 2 seconds about the reasons why SDS doesn't allow imported logos from outside sources and 'why?' becomes painfully clear.

If you have a Logo in 19 that you want to use in 20 but didn't get uploaded to the vault, there's a way, but it's manual and it's a pain. Go into the 19 editor, load your logo, and then painstakingly record all the measurements and vectors associated with each piece. Then, go into 20 and re-create.