Fast pick off move...

SDS complete BS.

I am playing RTTS and every time I get one second with a fast player, these pitchers do this fast pick off move, and no matter how fast I flick the left stick back, I am thrown out.

The worst part, is it seems many times, my player is locked in an animation taking his lead off and I literally can't react faster. This needs to be toned down a bit.


Did they change the controls? In past years I would just hold left on the stick while the pitcher came set and my player would automatically retreat to the base on a pickoff attempt.


Nope, it's the same controls.
The timing just seems off.
My Player will still be in his auto animation for his regular leadoff when the pitcher starts his fast pick off move.
This only seems to be a problem when I have a runner at first base.
At first, I can always get back (almost), but on second, I've been picked off everytime the pitcher does his fast pick off move.