Nothing compares to spending countless hours getting your music just right in the music editor. Searching for player's real walk-up music to add to the game. Or adding your own original music and chants. It brings so much life to an otherwise dull soundtrack. Adding your own music was one of the greatest features in the game. The game is not the same without it. It is such a shame SDS that this feature was pulled with no explanation and we will probably never get one. Adding my own music to my favorite sports game made it the best game I ever played. Now it's just average. The immersion is gone. The audio unlockables don't even hold a candle to custom music. Don't get me wrong stadium creator is awesome, but think about how great it would be to have your own music, play in your own stadium. To have your own original chants. What is more immersive than that? That would've sent this game over the top. But instead in order to get one great feature we have to lose another. You want people to come back and play your game, you give them immersion. You can only experience RTTS one time, but you can always change your music and chants. I'm not bashing SDS I still love this game, but it will never be the same without custom music and chants. And for some reason like a laugh in the face, if you go to (Edit player > Motions and sounds > Music) the option to add fan chants and cheers is still there. So anytime I look at the music section, I'm always reminded of what it could be.