I’ve been playing The Show for way too long and took last year off. Now that I’m back to playing, there’s a couple of minor things that I need to catch up on and wondering if some people can help.

The PCI is quite a bit different, I turned off the outer circle, as I have no idea what that does. But more importantly, I use wedge with diamonds and notice that the diamonds vary in size/order in each batter. Anyone able to explain what that signifies?

There was/is a website that used The Show API and you could see what it would cost to complete a team/division/conference. For the life of me I can’t remember the website and shame on me for not bookmarking. Anyone know what the website is that I’m describing?

I used to be able to hit left/right while pitching/hitting and it would show stats for batters. The only place I see this now is in quick pause menu and only when I’m pitching. While batting, it only shows current batters stats. Is this a different setting or just gone now?

Appreciate any help.