PS4 players (non ps4pro) - are there framerate issues?


So on xbox one the framerate issues i can't explain. offline it is mostly fine but online i guess it has to do something w/ the servers. Im not sure

But for those on PS4 , not ps4 pro, but the old old ps4, does the game have framerate issues?

I had MLB 20 last year on PS4 and it played pretty smooth. There were some issues w/ framerate on cut-scenes and such but not much during gameplay.

If there are not, then i may just pickup the ps4 verison this year.


I have a PS4 (Not Pro) and I do not see any issues with the game play other than I feel like I am at and real disadvantage when playing against pro or PS5 players as far as the speed to seeing things and the response quickness.


Make sure your system and tv are set to game mode...makes a big difference. But, I have no problems on PS5 and my son can’t even play the game on Xbo1 it’s so bad