QoL IDEA: Viewing just your players sorted by Parallel Progression (or card #)


It'd be nice if we could have some sort of just actual collection book just showing the cards we owned (not all cards and the greyed out cards we are missing)

Likewise it'd be helpful if we could sort by Parallel Progression, so we could see what cards are parallel'd up

So a descending PXP order that you could see which have the most and which are closest to next level. That way you could grind cards if they are close

Card 1 Level V - 10000 PXP
Card 2 Level IV - 9750 PXP (250 to next level)

Near as I can tell there is no way to search for parallel players in the search at all and it's a slog to look through full inventories

Another cool sort would be sort by card number so lowest number at the top to show off.


Agree 100% that having the ability to just see a list of players owned. Would also be nice to be able to bookmark a favourite team rather than having to RB through countless other squads first.