Hi all, new to The Show.
Loving it so far as I try to learn it a little.

So, after picking a batting style, the one with the Right stick, it says to flick it forward for a light hit, to the left or right for a medium hit and pull back first for a power hit.
But when I try it, the only way he will swing the bat is I pull back first, if I flick it or push to the left or right he does not swing.

I was confused as to whether I am doing something wrong or not.
IS there a way to make him swing the bat without pulling the stick back first?

also, on Pitching, there is the first choice it shows a blue circle with another one you pull down toward?, etc.. I can not for the life of me make any sense of this technique.
I can get it to work but only by chance, I have no clue what I am doing or what is good what is bad, so I havent been able to use this method, Im currently using the one where you select pitch with a button, then select location and press a, no meter no circle thing etc...

So I was just confused as to what I am supposed to do in that pitching style, the instructions the game gives dont seem to make sense to me.
Ive waited years for this so I am really happy to b able to play again, I just need to learn more.
Lastly one other question.
If I have started a RTTS season or career or whatever and I Want to re start it or begin again and make other choices etc.. how can I do that?
I dont see anyway to cancel the rtts career I started and when I back all the way out and press rtts it just resumes my current career I was looking for it to say start a new career or over write or anything like that, I wanted to start over now that I have an idea of how this works a little better, like I chose 2 play, and selected pitcher/ catcher but I want to change catcher to fielder or outfielder, but I cant find a way to start over or make those changes, so any help from experienced users, would be great!!