So this has happen twice to me and I know it’s a factual bug in the game now that needs a patch. So if you warm a pitcher up in the bullpen, and then in the next half inning you’re ready to put him in the game. You can pull up on your d pad to bring up the moves option during the game..Anyways there’s an option to click on their individual name at that point instead of having to click on bullpen again. If you’re warming up multiple guys and want to click on their name and sit one of them down. It will freeze momentarily and boot you to the dashboard. I’ve gotten 2 losses because of this. So yes basically if you click on their individual names once a guy is warming in the pen...which we option you choose “put in game” “ sit down” you will be disconnected from the match. This needs to be patched! You have to click on bullpen each time to make your moves so you don’t get lagged out.