PSA: Fixing Stick Drift (DS4)


I've seen a number of posts about DS4 analog stick drift, particularly if you intend to use Pinpoint pitching.

There's a YouTube series from a guy called TronicFix that's very good at explaining how to fix this. If you've got a few tools, some time and some patience this might save you buying a new controller.

Also videos on how to replace the battery in a DS4 and replacing a worn analog stick (where the rubber has torn) can be found.

I rescued 3 controllers and saved $75 on a new one doing these things.


I’ve been fixing my controllers for years, helps to keep the worn out ones for parts. Have yet to try my luck with the DS from PS5 (knock on wood). I hear they are a pain to take apart


Nice - yes getting the thing apart is the toughest part no question. After that it's fairly straightforward.