New update needs a new update

  1. Button accuracy seems to get stuck on red.

  2. Pitching needs to be tweaked for pure analog meter. Its not registering correctly.

  3. Directional/pure analog hitting is OP with this perfect/perfect method. This should be a zone only method.

3a. Fix the online gameplay, directional and pure analog players should always be at a disadvantage. Just timing a swing shouldn’t be rewarded the same as actually tracking with pci and then timing the swing.

This game is unplayable. Bring on all the negativity in the comments I get it. Some of you enjoy feeling like you are a top player because of the 8 homeruns you hit a game because you are able to time a pitch correctly. Im not here for that argument. But a UNIVERSAL hitting method would eliminate any of these concerns.


Directional should never be perfect/perfect. Participation trophies for everyone I guess.


I almost lost an event game because of errors because of button accuracy