How long does it take to get to the majors?


This is my first year back playing and I’m already surprised how hard it is to get to the majors. I’m behind 95 ovr Matt Chapman but can’t figure out how to get traded/switch teams. I’m literally hitting 450 with 40 bombs (I’m playing on the easiest difficulty lmao) and it seems like theres no notification of progress or anything.


The logic of promotions/demotions in this game have always been terrible. I’ve been on teams with three first basemen on the bench. I’ve seen great players sent to AAA. All kinds of wonky stuff. There’s no reason to think they’ve improved the logic for ‘21. As far as how long it takes to get to the bugs...that’s a good question! The progression system is definitely slower. My player is nowhere near ready haha!

If anyone replies who has made it to the show in ‘21, can you respond with:

  1. Your OVR #
  2. Position
  3. What year in your career

I have been promoted/got the trophy. I intended to post images to show the stats however this forum is absolutely garbage. I have no idea how in the hell in this day and age this basic late 90's area forum is what they come up with.

Anyway, my age shows as 19. My PSN is Wargazsem, you can see I've received the trophy by looking at as well.

Now if only the RTTS mission for "Slugger" "Painter" and so forth actually counted the stats. I haven't completed any of the 25 games missions since it refuses to keep accurate stats.

:EDIT: I just looked at and I'm #4 getting the trophy and I'm the last person to get it.


One hack/trick you can do to get in the majors way faster is going into the roster before entering rtts and turning down the overalls in the position you want to play for and save that roster and load it up in Rtts. For example if you lower all the 3rd basemans overalls on your team to like 50 or lower they will play poorly and get sent down to AAA or double A. So as long as you play better than them in double A you will get called up quickly and you might even be able to skip AAA altogether. Just make sure your stats like homeruns and rbis are more than theirs.