Because Sounds of the Show is not available on any console other than PS4, streamers or content creators who want to monetise on any other console are going to have fairly bland audio in their games. I’ve discovered that because I left volume up in my games, the music that comes on in between innings or in the menus results in the clips being flagged with copyright claims.

Previously one could use SOTS to upload ones own music creations, or royalty free sound bytes. Thus avoiding any copyright infringement.

No longer the case, the option now is to turn the volume right down. This makes the time between innings dull and silent, especially when it shows highlights.

I’m neither content creator or streamer (I just upload random stuff and don’t care about monetising... yet lol) so I don’t know if this will have a big impact on those people or not but it’s more reason to be disappointed by lack of SOTS, especially given it’s not functioning as intended in the PS4 version at present.

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