Eye of the Storm slo-mo effect RTTS perk idea


For a long time I’ve thought that the ‘boosted effect’ for the Eye of the Storm slo-mo effect perk in RTTS (increased slow effect) was pointless, as, if anything, it is a hinderance because it messes with your timing.

By boosted effect I mean not the base effect but the one that comes into play when you have the lightning rod tier 1 perk ‘critical strike’ equipped.

I’ve also thought that using the perk makes hitting (especially walking) a bit easier than it should be, especially because of the blue/red circles that explicitly tell you whether the pitch will end up inside the zone or not.

I’ve struggled to come up with a better idea for a boost until now.

My idea is that you don’t get the blue or red circles with the base level perk, you only get the location and it’s up to you to determine whether it’s going to be a ball or strike. And for the boosted effect, that’s when the blue and red circles kick in.

Thoughts from RTTS players?


I don't use this feature anymore so not sure what they could do to help those that do, But i could see it where you have to determine wether it's in zone or not.


Like I don't use any of that or show time at all and I hit pretty well playing legend


Yeah I dont really use the perks as I found them kind of dumb considering how good your rtts player gets so quickly and most of those boost your stats that you can't see. I even stopped using equipment on my player to make it a little more realistic though that really didn't help either.

I know that didn't really answer your post, sorry.


Just had another alternative idea for this perk; the basic effect being the usual single slo-mo AB, with the boosted perk being an additional slo-mo AB if the game goes to extra innings.