Here is my question that hopefully someone could answer from SDS or someone else who has heard. From what I understand you can create a stadium for use in franchise and diamond dynasty but my overall question is for Franchise I’d like the default stadiums for some of the CPU teams be changed to my created stadiums, so for example I’d want Tampa Bay to play in an outdoor stadium but I’d need to tear the ball park and simulate to find the effects on how I built the stadium. What I don’t want to see is it only being available at play screen which is what I fear is the case , I know we could add custom teams and stuff last year and select a stadium from there but I’d hope you’d be able to select a default stadium for every team In the league with a custom stadium , I actually only want to do this with Tampa bay and Oakland cause I find the stadiums too ugly to exist. I prefer this was a setting that I could do at the beginning of a franchise or maybe every season ?