Dumbest glitch ever


Apparently people know, because it was confirmed in a discord I’m in, but I didn’t know, and I’ve never seen it here so let me inform y’all:

You cannot double switch if you don’t have any other position players on the bench.

I just lost a game in RS because of this stupid, should-have-been-fixed-a-long-time-ago glitch.

I pinched hit Ruth for Pudge in the 9th (8th spot), then used Jimmie Foxx as a pinch hitter in the 9th spot. Then I pinched hit Sandberg for Morgan at the top of the lineup. It worked because I tied the game up with a double with Ryno. But he was my last bench player.

Go to the 10th and I can’t double switch. There is literally no option to do so. I end up being stuck with Ruth at catcher.

My opponent scored in extras because Rollins reached on a dropped third strike, then took second, third on passed balls, and home because I made a throwing error with Ruth trying to throw to third.

Come on, SDS. Fix this.


I had same thing happend to me dropped 3rd strike and catcher threw it down the line. If he’s not a catcher he can’t catch anything I was so pissed


Koogs had a cideo today where the same thing happened to him.


Ahh you wanted to remove Ruth and put Foxx at catcher. Tough break.


I'm not so sure if it is a glitch. This is what I found. It seems like because you didnt have any position players left and ruth didnt make the last out he wasnt eligible to be replaced.

When the team is up to bat, a manager can get the same effect as a double switch by leaving in the player who has pinch-hit for the pitcher and replacing another player in the lineup who has made the last out of the inning with a new pitcher. This will take the following form:

Player A (outgoing pitcher, batting next) is replaced by Player B (a position player) as a pinch-hitter, taking Player A's place in the batting order.
Player C makes the last out of the inning is replaced by Player D (a pitcher), taking Player C's place in the batting order.
Player D is pitching in place of Player A, and Player B is fielding in place of Player C.