Questions from someone new to MLB 20

  1. What is with the "waiting for..." in every game? I feel like I spend way more time waiting for my opponent than I ever did in 19. Does this game just take longer to load, or do all of my opponents toss their controller in the air in between at-bats?

  2. Do pitchers recover stamina in games they are not used in if they are off your roster, or do you need to keep them on the team in order for it to recover?

  3. Did they change something to throw cancellation this year? I feel like I have a much harder time getting it to actually work than I did last year.

  4. When throwing the ball back into the infield sometimes there are 2 little green bars you can try to hit instead of just one. What's that about? Are you supposed to hit one or the other depending on where you're throwing it? Don't remember that being in 19 either.

  1. People watch all the animations like pre at bat swings instead of hitting "x". A lot of times, that is what you're waiting for

  2. Pitchers have to be on your roster to regain stamina

  1. Yes you can’t cancel and throw back to the same base. If you do it’s the same result you already had. Prevents users from cancelling a red or yellow throw and then throwing to the same base to get green this time.

  2. Focus on the yellow bar rather than the two green parts. This yellow bar is a “perfect” throw. Much like the catcher throw-out meter. A perfect throw makes cut-off transitions quicker and smoother. It also puts the throw home in the best spot for a quick tag and a much higher chance of throwing out a runner.