Pro-Clubs/Pro AM Style, Play w/ friends.


I don't know how many members have had an opportunity to play FIFA's pro-clubs mode with their friends, but it's a blast. The idea is that you have your own player that you make an upgrade and play a role on your team. Using RTTS players, for example, would be cool to get to build a team with your friends. Each person could have a Pitcher and Position player that they build and upgrade in RTTS, then select them for their team, where they would add friends and design logos and uniforms like in diamond dynasty and build their organization. Then, each count could start 1-1 in a 3 or 5 inning game where you get to plug in your player on defense and hit in a lineup that only includes you and your friends (lineup wouldn't include computers who fill other defensive holes). Then, when your pitcher is in to pitch, you could throw, and your player who is in the field, could become a computer with your attributes for the time being. For example, if I make an Anomaly centerfielder and a CP, I could play centerfield for the first 4 innings, then, once my pitcher comes into throw, my centerfielder becomes a computer and I end up controlling my pitcher. As you and your friends play more games, and win more games you could be able to upgrade the players who are always controlled by a computer on defense and have them improve.

I've talked to a bunch of friends who are not even baseball fans, and they have said it would be worth the 60 bucks for MLB the Show just for this mode alone. Sony, I urge you to make strides to add this and grow the game we love to people so new to it.


This would be next level!!


I was about to make a post about this but found this post. Coming from Xbox, I just got the show in Nov and was expecting some sort of team play with rtts players. I’m shocked more players aren’t calling for it. I was going to grind rtts, but it would be for no reason if you can’t play online imo.

I play 2k pro-am/rec and Fifa pro clubs, and it’s the best part of both games. 2k has literally built their entire game around the “my player” idea and Fifa is trending more towards it with VOLTA. Even awful Madden finally added it with “the yard” mode.

  • To not get bored, it could be 3 or 6 inning games (I would be fine with 9). Maximum 9 users, minimum 2 or 3.

  • Like you said, everyone could roster 2 players for their team (fielder and pitcher).

  • Create the batting line up, choose pitcher etc before searching for a game.

  • if playing with less than 9, CPU can control other rtts players who aren’t currently online or CPU players if you don’t have enough players rostered. (Users bat for them)

  • When someone is up to bat other than an active player’s rtts pro, there could be 5 seconds given to choose which user bats for them.

  • keeps team stats and rankings like pro-am or pro-clubs.

This could be HUGE and the best team play in any sports game. I know they probably can’t do it for The Show 21 (unless they’ve been working on it), but please give us this on the show 22 at least!!


And there could also be a drop in mode like on FIFA or Rec in 2k playing a match teaming up with random users.