Analog vs. Meter Pitching


I’ve been using meter pitching for as long as I’ve been playing this game. I’ve heard a lot of people saying analog is better and I’m considering making the switch. What are the advantages or disadvantages of using analog pitching?


I was also predominantly a meter pitcher last year but switched to analog this year for the same reason. Overall it does feel like analog is more accurate for whatever reason. With meter, I can hit perfect consistently and the number of pitches that go 10 inches away from location on perfect is crazy this year. A couple days ago I hit perfect 3 times in a row, all primary pitch fastballs with a fresh pitcher, and each one sailed above the strike zone and put me behind 3-0. I was trying meter again just for fun. Switched to analog and threw three straight strikes.

Pitching is just worse this year in general. So whether it's a slider or two adjusted or what, meter is noticably worse than last year to me. But I see the same stuff with analog. In event games with Maddux last night, using analog, I was nailing my inputs pretty well only to watch every single offspeed pitch get sucked into the middle of the zone. And later in that game or the next, I had Rodney in and the analog meter showed my stick going a completely different direction than I was pushing it. Missing by a little on either side of the ring I can understand. But when the game randomly, visually shows my stick press in the opposite direction I do not understand as I know which way I'm pressing it.

But again, overall analog feels way more accurate. And misses on analog don't always go middle middle. You'll throw accidental dots on some of your worst pitches. Whereas meter, anything goes on any pitch.

But overall, pitching sucks this year so this late in the year I would recommend using what you're comfortable with. No matter what you're going to get negative outcomes on your good inputs at some point each game. It didn't take me long to adjust to analog so it's worth a shot trying to see for yourself. I do think it's quite a bit better than analog.

But I always have the yearning to go back to meter because I just prefer it.


I dont think Analog is more accurate i think it is roughly the same. But as a person who switched over a few years ago I have to say analog is MUCH easier to master than Meter. So thus the reason to change over. Especially if you consider things like lag and R2 spammers. Analog much better for that.