Live Series Players


Seeing how close I can get to completing the LS Collection before next Fri.

I have 15 Golds left and then all the Diamond players. Have about 200K in stubs built up from buying Silvers and exhanging then to Golds and quick selling duplicates.

Should I keep going with this route, fir the last 15 Golds, getting about 1 for every 10 pack, or should I just buy the 15 straight up?

Technically they will be free, since I can just QS them after I collect them. But every single other one has been from the Exchange (costing me only 500 each).

My gameplan is after I finish off the LS Golds, I'm buying all the 5K LS Diamond players than quick selling them back to work on my Finest collections.
I doubt I'll get the big cost Diamonds by next week.


You should be able to get all the LS cards by next friday. All of them are going for under 60000/70000 stubs. Try getting one of the big four (Trout/Arnaldo/Scherzer/Betts) daily and go from there.