A glitch in collections


I was looking at the free agents' collection and I saw I had a couple hundred free agents. I collected what I had, which was not 380 or so that it says are needed to complete the collection. But when I auto collected what I had, it completed the whole collection. I got all the rewards on the side of the screen yet when I go back in it says 200/380 collected but it says its still completed.

Sorry for this jumbled mess of words. I figured I'd share.


Off topic but -

I manually collected for Mantle took hrs just saying , carry on :"-"


So the reason for the collection being completed without 380 cards I believe has to do with players being added to rosters.

Using round numbers for the sake of ease, let's say you have collected 300 of 380 free agents. If 50 of those collected cards happen to end up on a teams roster, you'll only have 250 free agents left in that collection, but the game will credit you with collecting 300. Collecting an additional 80 would now show you at 320/380, but the game will credit you with the full 380 because of the previous 50 collected.