I tip my cap to anyone making WS this year.


I cannot catch a break to save my life, haven't made it out of DS this season or last. I either run into some absolute goons or lose on fluky non-sense.

Just lost a game where I was cruising, 4-1 lead going into the 8th and the dude was flailing at everything. His one run came on a Babe HR early in the game that I don't think he even squared up that well. He gets a runner on first, and Biggio hits a one-hopper to Harper in RF. And then Harper just doesn't lock onto the ball and it goes by him to the wall. Runner on first scores and Biggio goes to 3rd. Next batter up, ground ball right to the 3rd basemen. Should be an inning ending double play but instead Biggio scores and it's 4-3.

We go to the 9th, and he manages to tie it up with two outs on a seeing eye single up the middle. Top of the 10th, I take the lead again. It's 5-4. Bottom of the 10th, he ties it up with two Very Early bloops over the shortstop.

He walks it off in the 13th with a HR with Castellanos. I don't know how you win games like this. It should've been over in 9 but wasn't because of the Harper glitch, and he ties it up again on two VE hits (which were in addition to 2 or 3 others he had earlier in the game).

SOOOO FRUSTRATING. Glad my controller is still in tact.


My frustration comes from disconnects. I’m 8-4 so far with two disconnect losses while I was ahead... still sitting under 800


Same here, disconnects kill me