I just seen the stream from MLB the Show 20 by San Diego Studios and it seems that this custom League looks very promising I am going to create a custom league and I am on here to see who is interested in joining this league I will make sure that this league will be fun and be playable for whomever joins if you are interested just follow me or leave me a chat and also add me on my PSN and leave me a message


  • Atmosphere: it will be competitive but also relaxed like I said will try to make this league fun to be apart of

  • Hall OF Fame

  • MLB Roster(ONLY)

  • Games played will be revealed closer to launch day

  • Team Selecting I know that everyone may want the Yankees, Dodgers, Braves, Brewers etc.. we can either go as first come first served or we can go with a wheel roulette with players PSN and that will determine who gets to select first on picking a team like a draft

These are simple little rules I will have a bigger picture once I set up the league whomever is interested I will send them an invitation to be apart of the league

PSN: ImRe2spect27