I don't know if the rules have changed since I was playing in high school, but I'm pretty sure as of today that pitchers at high school, college and pro levels are still not allowed to wear white long sleeves. It's supposed to be based on the batter's lack of ability to pick up the white baseball out of a pitcher's hand who's wearing similar colored, white long sleeves behind the ball. I saw a video online by an MLB The Show player who apparently designed his Diamond Dynasty team jerseys with white long sleeves, and it got me wondering if it's a big deal or not to batters on MLB The Show, if they were to bat against a pitcher wearing white long sleeves. What do you think about this? I just went into edit uniforms and long white sleeves are an option, though I don't know if they will actually appear on pitchers or not.

I am looking forward to the livestream about leagues, later today!