Can we please get more designs? There's like a thousand STANCE designs irl but in the game we have TWO. I feel like this has to be the most under-utilized aspect of equipment. Why bother getting the STANCE brand into the game if they only ever wanted to release two designs? They don't even need to have attribute bonuses, just let us use them in DD and RTTS as a cosmetic. SDS should make sock rewards the same way the have bat skin rewards (put them in packs, ranked season rewards, program rewards.) Personally, I would rather get sock designs than bat skins. They don't even have to get creative with it, just add designs from real life into the game. I was excited to see STANCE in the game originally, but the last two years it feels like there isn't any point at all. Oh and BTW the purple design is super ugly and goes with nothing. I just think that another cosmetic would be great for team/player customization and SDS already has the groundwork for it. Am I the only one who feels this way?