Detroit Tigers Logo Help?


Been raking with my Tigers replica team in conquest, but something is missing, which is only apparent when I play at home. I can't get the old English "D" right! The only Tigers D logos that are available only have the one that they use on both the jersey and the cap since 2019. I have never agreed with the change, personally—the logos hadn't matched for 50 years.

I want my Tigers to have the D that they had for years, the one they used in the 84 World Series, for instance. Here's Tram with an example.

Can someone help me out and make it for me? I've never been good with the logo maker. Thanks!!


I can't sorry (I do not know how to make a logo to save my life.), but I wanted to say I may be in the minority: I like the change. I l always wondered why the D's didn't match, and I like the one with the sharper angles (the hat one). But it does look odd seeing Trammell wear it.