A program you would like to see


I have really enjoyed the way program were handled this year with the smaller player programs added with some bigger ones added in (All Times, Fathers day) but if you could see them add in 1 more big player program what would it be.

For me I want to see a program to the 2017 finest program call it the series program. It would require a stat grind for each series and you get a series reward at the end of each stage so for example.

Stage 1 - Live series would required something like

100 hits
25 xbh
10 HR
100 ip
25 k

At the end of the stage the reward is a live series pack like the one found in the flash sale

This goes on for each series including prestige and the stats are offline eligible but the programs have extra mission for online for a boost so online players could progress faster and may not require all stats like 100ip for example

I want this program cause I want a reason to use all series of cards and create team builds


I like this. I wish TA was like this too. I like playing with "X" Team and not just for inning grinds. But I like off-line grinding. Not Get 2000 saves w/ LH reliever grinding, but just general Stat Accumulation.


No sell, pick a legend.

Let's get the guys with their gold cards or low diamonds rolled out already.

So sick and tired of Fake Series cards at 99, but still waiting on Bench, Guidry, Chipper, Foxx, Cal, Morgan, Gehrig, Cy Young and on and on and on and on....


Griffey will have a big player program. Guaranteed. Unless he’s showdown/conquest:moments extreme. You need to get his nameplate somehow