Hey guys! Thomas and I are getting ready to record, and want to know if anyone has anything they want featured. It can be a question, idea for an episode, or a voicemail! You don't have to listen to be featured, or to send it in. 🙂 We will also discuss how wrong we were about @Ikasnu’s Rockies. If you have missed any episodes, go to anchor.fm/aroundthediamond. You can also go there for a voicemail. We will also be reading our reviews, so if you have listened, and want yours read make sure to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. If we miss anything, or get something wrong, make sure to let me know! If we get enough voicemails weekly, we will make sure to do a voicemail episode! If you send in more than one, there is a good chance that, unless we get enough for a voicemail episode, we will put them in separate episodes. In this episode we also mention the new cards in Diamond Dynasty!
Jake and Thomas
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