Are there going to be more missions for 6th inning?


I haven't had much time to play, so I'm at 203 stars. The online offline missing I have left is the Brandon Phillips collection (20 stars).

I'm trying the online missions but online is so arbitrary. After this break, I'm seeing the ball like a beach ball. I'm ripping everything for a hard hit (out) but I'm still losing. Tbh I haven't played this game better online than I am now and I cant get a win, and I have a winning record. This game is make believe.

Anyway, I still want to get my reward. Anyone know if more collections or missions are coming?


Not sure, but anything is possible. I'm 48 away from 300 and have yet to do the Brandon Phillip moments (not even sure how I'm going to do the HR ones with his low power) and complete the Showdown.


You finish Phillips. Then bat him leadoff in the event. Once he hits quit. 8 hits gets you 20 more points.

The next inning drops next week, I doubt there will be more inning missions are coming.