600k to spend


Haven’t played since April or May. Would like to progress towards Trout so I don’t wanna buy any of the big guys and I’m so behind on TA so Trying to avoid guys from the same teams or guys you get from FotF.

C Biggio
1B 92 Giambi
2B Sandberg
SS 91 Rollins
3B Sheffield
LF Minoso
CF Mantle
RF 93 Gwynn

89 Soto
91 Vlad
82? Trea Turner
88 C Santana
91 Arenado

89 Pearson
88 Ohtani

85 Ottavino
90 Trienen
87 Mo
88 Chapman
88 Cody Allen
94 Wagner
96 Rollie


I'm confused. You have 600k to spend but not spend? If you want trout is gonna take a lot of stubs. If you want upgrades now it's gonna take stubs. You can buy ta3 guys from the market who will give you immediate upgrades


If you dont want to spend much the potm belli and Correa are solid


Belli 1B, CAP SS, misc minor monthly awards for the bench.

Aside from Paxton and Newhouser, I recommend spending on the rotation. Hersh and Hamels are affordable options.

Diaz, Franco, Gagne for the pen.