The Carom


With no fans in the seats ......There is nothing like seeing the carom of a moon shot homerun. Everyone watching in anticipation of where and when it will land...but nothing beats that carom and the sound. It is literally the second "bat flip" or exclamation point if you may of a glorious homerun.

If u have played outfield and had a homerun sail over the fence and you get the pleasure of hearing the sound of know what I'm talking about.

One time our opponent lost one in a clutch situation and it hit a car in the parking lot setting off some alarms...he was circling the bases to his horn medley and we had to hear those alarms for about 5 mins....every horn blare was a tiny crystal of salt in the wound.


Oh and SDS everyone can agree you guys deliver on the majestic moonshot caroms every year....even though the foul pole stings every time.