MLB The Show 21 Custom Ideas


This is more of a wishlist, but The Show has come a long way to being one of the best baseball games out there. I'm aware they are only one, but still. I just wish they set the bar a little higher for future competition.

I play a lot of sports game such as, NHL, NBA 2K, and Fifa, PES, & of course The Show. One thing that stood out for me in NHL & NBA 2K is the ability to create your own arena. Let's go farther, you can expand your league to 36 teams. Furthermore, with an expansion league, you can change the rules, which MLB The Show doesn't really have. Sure you can do a custom league, and custom teams, but you got to relocate an established team to do that.

But, let's get to it. Here are some ideas to implement in the next title on next-gen:

Create-A-Stadium: Let us create a really unique stadium. The details matter and that's what NHL 20 did with their stadium and uniform creation. Really in-depth and a ton of fun.

Stadium design:

  • What does the architect look like? Have a feature where you want it similar to another stadium or have a brand spanking new one.

  • Do you play on grass or turf? What's the style of the grass? (Diamonds, stripes, is there a team logo on the field?)

  • What color are the stairs? It's fun to change the colors that match your team.

  • What are the seat patterns like? Is it whatever or is there a certain theme with the stadium?

  • The roof (open/close/retractable) should also be customized where it's either a dome, open field, or it has a retractable roof. Kind of like how MVP Baseball 2005 had it with Owner Mode, have a customizable luxury box or don't.

  • Stadium capacity is key because you want loudness with intensity to be a factor when you're playing a rival for the #1 seed or you could be in the postseason in game 7 in the bottom of the 9th inning trailing by 1 run with bases loaded and 2 outs.

  • Details of the stadium and team should have market size, describing local fan base, national fan base, popularity, and prestige level of the team. Are fans casual like San Diego, or are they die hard like Boston?

  • How many concessions are there. What kind of food is it? is luxury or not? (ex. MVP Baseball 2005), stadium seating, and parking lot capacity/style.

  • Wall color in the stadium should also be decided whether it's team color or not. Colors of the wall should be colored by sections. Example 1 half is blue, and the other half is red.

  • Scoreboard design is probably the most fun to customize because you got the scoreboard, the giant tv screen, stats, contest questions for fans, replays, etc.

*Stadium presentation: What kind of intro do you want before the game. When you hit a home run or strike someone out in a clutch moment, lights and sound play a big factor. I'd like to see lights flicker in those crucial moments. Audio is no issue because of the sound of the show feature.

Expansion mode is probably the most fun a lot of The Show fans will have. I don't speak for every one of them, but that's why I said most lol. Expansion is custom galore. The ability to have your own rules in the game is beyond great.

  • The ability to change how many games there are in a season.

  • I might be extreme with this one, but I can only imagine the playoffs when you have the ability to double the number of teams in the MLB. Change how many teams can be in the league. It would be cool to double the number and have over 60 teams, but that's just me lol.

  • Each expansion team deserves a minor league team. Create one or it can be imported using the community's creative.

  • A salary cap option should be added.

  • Change the rules before the season. Change it to how it use to be back in the 90s or earlier.

On a side note, we need to see bench-clearing when there's a conflict. You don't necessarily have to show an exact fight, but look at how MVP Baseball 2005 did theres. They show a guy charging the mound, and the benches clear. No real fight or anything, but if you want to show that along with players getting held back, I'm down for that in the game. Also, I would love to see a manager argue a call and get ejected. Another thing is fan intensity. The sound of the fans and how intense they are plays a huge factor today and I'd like to see that enhanced. Every pitch matters and crowd intensity is key. The reaction is another thing that plays a factor.

Let me know what else I am missing. I love this game and I'd like to see the ideas I wrote implemented in the next title.


What I want for The Show 21...

  1. Pitcher/Catcher chemistry
  2. Create a Stadium
  3. Dedicated servers
  4. DH option for DD

What you want for stadiums and expansion would would require a huge amount of data that is just not available. Bench clearing you mentioned is one thing that MLB will not allow to be in this game. As far as ejections go you can set that in user settings.


They got the big one out of the way, relocation, just need stadium creator or a blank stadium.


A mode that allow each player to pick a position player. To make a whole team and compete against another online team.