We should be able to use MLB NETWORK theme in custom leagues, we should have the option to use broadcast in custom leagues not stuck on fast play we are missing out on tons of audio lines and presentation. I only play online and glad leagues came back but seeing all the MLB network signage around ball parks, but cant pic MLB network theme really is a letdown.

Custom leagues 40 MAN live rosters that load into custom leagues doesn't have free agents like the DD LEAGUE making it harder and harder to keep rosters balanced as we cant edit anything cant edit a pitcher from SP or RP making us limited as right now theres 8 teams with only 7 starting pitchers test or relief pitchers. So a owner in league only has 2 options of calling up a starter from there minors while other teams have 5-8 extra starters the rosters are not very balanced to tun a successful league.

Not having divisions and league leaders is a real head scratcher why this was not included. Not having some form of a real 2020 MLB schedule or a generated one with 3 or 4 game series is another missing component we need.

No option to load sliders from hard drive or vault is another key function missing.